21 Jump Street (2012) Review

21 Jump Street (Phil Lord and Chris Miller)

First let me say, I never watched the television series, so I can’t make any comparison.

A lot of the reviews I read mention the language as being excessive, but, it seemed to be on par with other movies with young actors. It just depends on what curse words you take most offense to. This movie uses MF excessively, even having it spelled out on the screen numerous times. While I was happy that the directors realized that nudity and sex didn’t have to be a main focus of the movie, the overtly gay gestures between the main male characters throughout the movie was not only annoying and out of place but also added no comedic value (their intention). The movie did have a few funny parts that made me laugh out loud.

If you value your kids innocence, don’t allow them to watch it. The movie made drug use, underage drinking, not to forget the older men coming on to high school students, teachers seducing students, offensive language and crude gestures in public seem commonplace and normal. Maybe it is, but not in my little bubble of the world.

I give the movie a 2.5-3 rating just because I tire of ridiculousness easily but was able to make it through the whole thing. I do not see how other reviewers gave the movie more than 5 stars.

Rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, drug material, teen drinking and some violence


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