Escape Clause (1996) Review

Escape Clause (Brian Trenchard-Smith)

I just saw this in May 2012 after being slightly skeptical of the age of the movie. I have to say, this movie set an example of how to strategically place distractors (people that seem guilty enough to put in your own suspect pool) throughout the movie to keep you guessing. Like other reviewers, I usually know who the guilty character is within the first 30 minutes, but this one kept me guessing up until the reveal. Not the best movie, could have been more in depth, but good enough to keep you enthralled to find out the end. You won’t be on the edge of your seat and I wouldn’t classify it as a thriller but a decent drama for sure.

The actors are Andrew McCarthy, Paul Sorvino and Connie Britton

I gave it 3 stars.

Rated R for violence, sexuality and language


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