Identity Thief (2013) Review

Identity Thief (Seth Gordon)

When I saw the previews for this movie, I was not impressed and had no interest in seeing it. A coworker sorta forced the movie on me to let me borrow it for the weekend, so not wanting to pass up the free movie, I watched it.

It was horrible.

I have always liked Bateman but I have never seen McCarthy in anything. I could tell she wasn’t going to win my support. She reminds me of Chris Farley, too spastic and barely funny and overhyped.

The movie is about a woman with no self esteem who steals the identity of people she scams. Jason Bateman decides that he is going after her to bring her back to his city to tell his boss he doesn’t deserve to lose his job because of the mess she has made of his life. The story is absurd as it is, but hey, it’s a movie. A lot of movies have unrealistic plots. Of course, midadventure ensues and the directors try to make you fall for McCarthy’s character and feel sorry for her for having a tough life. I had no feelings for any of the characters at any time during the movie (especially McCarthy), except for the wife for being married to an idiot. There were scenes that just didn’t fit with the rest of the movie. All the sexual references (scenes too) and fat jokes were out of place and just not needed.

Don’t waste your time with this one…….

I gave this movie 1.5 stars because I did smile once.

Rated R for sexual content and language


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