Medium Raw (2010) Review

Medium Raw (Andrew Cymek)

I am always on the hunt for a good horror movie. Sometimes the low budget movies surprise you. This movie is both good and bad, if you are like me and look for something to actually scare you and catch you off your guard (I usually know the whole movie within 30 minutes if not sooner). Most of the reviews for this movie are bad. Just know the worst thing about this movie is that it is filmed in a dark, soft glow. Pair this with the building the movie takes place (dark- no natural light) and it makes for a very dark movie that is hard to tell what is going on half of the time. This also works in the viewers favor only in a couple of scenes (not being able to see what is coming). The storyline is a compilation of other stories you know like Silence of the Lambs and Little Red Riding Hood, the two most recognizable, and it does have promise but doesn’t quiet hit the mark. They do try to throw a twist in towards the end but I saw it coming way before.

The actors, although not recognizable, are not THAT bad. I was pleasantly surprised by them all. The insane people are the best aspect of the movie, that is, the ones that aren’t the main character, “the wolf”. I wouldn’t call this a horror movie because it is predictable and nothing provides an actual scare. I wouldn’t call it a comedy, because although there are some purposeful chuckles, it’s not the main theme. It’s not an exploitation movie because while it almost fits (due to the laughable nature of some of the “scary” parts), there aren’t nearly enough scenes to make it an exaggeration and there isn’t much gore, no sex and no drugs. It’s not a drama and it’s no thriller either. So, go in knowing that it’s predictable but the actors give it a good go and that the whole movie is dark.

I would give this 2.5 stars.


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