Mr. Brooks (2007) Review

I watched Mr. Brooks (Bruce Evans) today, September 1, 2013.

Different movie websites give the movie a wide range of ratings and reviews, so like all things, “eye of the beholder”.

Being an avid hunter for a great psychological thriller movie, I was hesitantly optimistic with this one. I would categorize it more as a drama than a suspense or a thriller, but, I’m hard core like that : )  The main character was smart, focused and meticulous.  It made me think of what a Dexter movie might be like. The movie just jumped right into the plot instead of dragging the viewer through a long, boring background setup. I especially liked how the main character interacted with his alter ego. The manner in which it was done allowed the viewer to be thrust into his conflicted mind without confusion. I am not a fan of Costner but he delivers as Mr. Brooks. William Hurt and even Dane Cook do a great job as well. Demi is Demi, but thankfully her scenes were short and sporadic. For a movie in which the viewer knows from the beginning who the bad and good guys are, the movie isn’t quite as predictable as you might think it would be. I thought the movie ended well, that is, until I realized that it wasn’t the actual end. It ends as movies are expected to end which only hurt my opinion of it a little.

There are breasts, sex, shots to the head, throat slashing and of course, plenty of  blood.

The main actors are Kevin Costner, Demi Moore,  William Hurt and Dane Cook,

Rated R  for strong bloody violence, some graphic sexual content, nudity and language.

I would not recommend this movie for anyone under 17, but I’m overprotective like that.


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