Red (2010) Review

Red (Robert Schwentke)

After reading the movie summary, I expected a serious action/drama movie as I did not see the genre listed as an action comedy. Is this movie predictable? Yes, but what movie isn’t these days?

The actors in this movie did a great job and had good chemistry. If you like Bruce, Morgan, John, Helen, Karl and Mary-Louise, you won’t be disappointed. There was no nudity or sex and the language was kept at bay for the most part.I can only remember three curse words and one finger gesture.

Basically, Bruce Willis plays an older, bored, retired government employee who is forced back into the game and has to get help from his aging buddies. It was funny and had some small but good action scenes which is realistic for older actors and makes the scenarios more believable. I read a lot of negative reviews about the movie, but found it to be worth watching.

I gave the movie 3.5 stars. It was better than just okay but not quite loved.

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence and brief strong language



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