Texas Chainsaw (2013) Review

Texas Chainsaw (John Luessenhop)

I am always on the hunt for a good scary/horror movie. I watched this movie earlier today.

Let me first say that it has been a really, really long time since I saw the original movie which was done before I was born.

I did see the one in 2006, but don’t remember much about it.

The story remains the same…..a particular adult is mentally challenged and has the drive to kill anyone who isn’t family. He has a particular need for dismemberment with a chainsaw and hooks (family trade tools). He takes the flesh of faces and sews it on top of his face. All the movies with Texas Chainsaw in the title follow the pattern of this particular plot and the chainsaw welding, large man chases after lost, young adults with few escaping his torturous habits.

This particular rendition wasn’t too terribly bad, although, as you can see, it has a very predictable plot.


The movie wasn’t completely predictable as the director tried to add a new twist to the old story line. I won’t share it as it would spoil the ending for those that haven’t seen it.  I give him points for that.

I also give him points for not falling into the rut of most horror/slasher films which include lots of unnecessary nudity and sex (none shown) and cheap scare tactics. I will admit that there were two parts that made me jump which hasn’t happened in a long time while watching a supposedly scary movie.

It also isn’t shot in so much darkness that you have a hard time telling what is going on, something that plagues many horror movies.

The actors weren’t too bad, well, more like half and half.

I liked that the beginning of the movie shows shots that appear to be from the original movie or at least give the viewer an idea of what happened in the past while not taking up too much time setting up the background.


It is predictable.

The scenes were not scary nor did they make you cringe. Perhaps I have been desensitized but there wasn’t really that much gore or many “kills”. Yeah, I may be sick for admitting that, but hey, that’s what horror/slasher movies are about….the kills and gore. This movie had lots of blood but most was in the way of drag marks.

A friend pointed out that this version strayed from the cannibalism aspect and the dissection of the the original. These two aspects help explain his “need” as he treats most people like animals that are only good for eating and the skin/fur. As a mentally stunted predator, this movie lacked the child like curiosity of dissection or seeing how things works.

I gave it 3 stars.

Rated R for strong grisly violence and language throughout


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