The Bourne Legacy (2012) Review

The Bourne Legacy (Tony Gilroy)

I am a big fan of the first three Bourne movies, so I was excited to see that Renner was going to continue in the Legacy.

I was disappointed completely in this installment. The movie takes place during the same time frame as the Ultimatum movie and uses too much time trying to build up back story and just ends up confusing and pointless. The actors are great, but, as other reviewers point out, the acting just isn’t enough to make the movie a success. The action scenes are good but few and far between, especially compared to the other in the series and just not as creative. The other installments had action scenes that made you feel like you were actually a part of the struggle or chase. Legacy was just dizzying and disappointing.

I didn’t miss Matt Damon and was glad there were no more babble about, “what is Treadstone and who did this to me” nonsense that plagued the other films. The movie doesn’t have an ending so you are left hanging to ponder if you care enough to see the sequel you know will be coming.

The actors are Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weist, and Edward Norton.

Rated PG-13 for violence and action sequences


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