Evil Dead (1981) Review

Evil Dead (Sam Raimi)

I watched this film over the weekend because the remake previews look promising. I try and watch the original before the remake just so I can make a comparison.

I read the rave reviews on the original, so I was excited, even though the age of the movie made me a little leery. Everyone was calling the movie exceptional, campy and a cult classic and so on and so forth, so what did I have to lose, right?

I’ll tell you what I lost, 85 minutes of my life that I will never get back. It was horrendous, no, worse than horrendous- so horrible I can’t even think of the proper adjective to describe it. It was so horrible that even laughing wasn’t an option.

The effects were cheaply done and never the same from scene to scene. The acting was horrible and one of the actresses normal voice was hard to tolerate. The lighting was so screwed up, it was like, where is that light suppose to be coming from. Nothing about this film was scary or surprising, well, besides how bad it is. The plot had so many holes, it was like what the hell were they thinking when they wrote it.

This was just bad, real bad….don’t waste your time unless you want 85 minutes of WTF moments.

I give this movie no stars!

Rated NC-17 for substantial graphic horror violence and gore

The rating was appropriate but not for the reasons the MPAA gives. There was no horror but there was gore-like scenes, nudity and a rape scene.


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