Mini Vacation- FLORIDA

It’s been three years since I have been on vacation. The last “trip” I took was a month long, cross-country excursion that will always be at the top of my list of spectacular moments of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on camping trips since then but those are not necessarily relaxing.

Life has been hectic and the thought of relaxing and getting out of the daily routine and rut was just what was needed.

I headed to Panama City Beach, FL for some spontaneous ocean and beach fun, well, gulf and beach fun if you want to get technical. Although, I admit, I just now looked up the difference in meaning between gulf and ocean and either terminology is correct. Isn’t is funny how intellectually you know things but when it comes to public scrutiny of your words, you’ll look up simple words to make sure you didn’t somehow lose intellect?

Sorry, back to my point.

From this vacation will come some reviews of various things, like apps, cars, establishments and the city itself.

So stayed tuned……..



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