Evil Dead (2013) Movie Review

Evil Dead 2013

Director: Fede Alvarez

Most of the trailers for the movie showed a scared girl speaking to someone from a balled up position- very slow and quietly about having to leave because “something” is there with them. That snippet is followed by a rapid show of intense moments with the scary movie music going and a final shot of an atrocious looking girl saying in a distorted voice, “you all are going to die tonight” or a girl being dragged from her feet to a basement/cellar. Promising, right?

I knew from the name that the movie was a remake of an older movie. That older, original movie had been sitting in my Netflix queue for a while. I decided that I wanted to watch the original before watching the remake. I watched the original not too long ago. I wrote a review about it. too To cut to the chase, I hated the original. It was so bad on all points that it actually made me reconsider watching the remake.

But being an avid searcher for something to get my adrenaline going and cringes started, I moved the remake to the top of my movie list. I finally got around to watching Evil Dead, the remake very early this morning around (1am).

What can I say about the newest version of Evil Dead? It wasn’t bad. I was impressed with the movie actually.  Was I scared? No. Did I cringe? Absolutely.

I’ll start with the easiest part of the review…the actors. I can tell you that the group of actors were a much needed improvement from the original movie, actually, for most so called horror movies. I think they all did a great job, especially considering their age and experience. They all make you feel like you are watching people in an actual fucked up situation. Kudos to them for being better than most horror movie unknowns.

The lighting. Why am I mentioning lighting, you may ask. Well, any person who watches a lot of the horror genre knows that some potentially good films are tanked by poor lighting. You know what I am talking about. Scenes in which you know you need to help the character keep her/his eyes peeled for the bad guy/thing but you can’t see anything, literally.  Or when dark environments have too much blatant light coming from unknown origins or from origins you know would not cast off such lighting. The original The Evil Dead had some major lighting issues. You may not think it’s a big deal, but it is suppose to be a realistic setting and I can’t realistically believe or actually see, my opinion and interest immediately decreases.  The audience shouldn’t even have lighting on the mind while watching a movie, so if my submersion into the movie setting is affected by thoughts of too much or not enough light, then the makers have failed.

Special effects. The special effects in the original movie were absurdly horrific and not in the sense of being relevant. They were awful. The remake had really good special effects, not too outlandish and not too simple.  They were simplistically effective.

The script/plot. Given this is a remake, obviously the plot isn’t original. A lot of the scenes were true to the original, with a few revisions to give the movie an update. For instance, the reason for going to the remote cabin was for one of the characters to kick her drug habit with the help of her friends. Even with the revisions, though, horror movie makers can’t see to get past the need to make the characters do stupid things that any rational person would not do, even when being harassed by a demon.  An example: cutting off the barbed wire that is keeping a skinned bound book closed and reading from it even when there are warnings actually pointed out that say not to. The plot, like the original had holes and a lack of understanding of some things.  Just when you think the movie is at the surprising end, there is another 15 minutes that turn the movie into the run of the mill horror flick. It left me wondering why they dragged it out longer. My suspicion was so the main character could have a few more minutes of air time. It also gave the special effects people a few more effects to make us cringe. However, the true ending, the very end had me scratching my head with confusion and disappointment. I won’t go into details as to ruin it for those that have yet to see it, but as the saying goes, they should have quit while they were ahead.

I give the movie 3.5 possessions for almost being a really decent horror movie. They did have some surprise moments that made me jump just a little. Those kind you know are coming but not sure exactly when, so  the moment gets you anyway.  There were also some classic lines in the movie that just made me smile, almost laugh even, although I am not the kind to actually laugh at a comedy.

The movie is Rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language.



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