The Hot Flashes (2013) Movie Review

The Hot Flashes – 2013- Susan Seidelman

I saw the previews for this movie and was interested but not eager. I liked the spectrum of the cast but the plot, well, seemed familiar. I watched it last night and while I wasn’t impressed, I wasn’t completely disappointed either.

The plot of the movie is the usual good versus evil or underdog vs the popular.

The movie takes place in Burning Bush, TX, a small town proud of their girls basketball team and most importantly, everyone knows everyone else’s business. The short of it is that the local breast cancer mobile unit is about to be closed for good due to funding issues and Beth, a local housewife and former bff of the deceased founder feels obligated to help keep it open. Sound familiar? Think Blues Brothers, maybe? Similar to Jake and Elwood, it takes a lot of convincing, but she decides to bring the old high school bball team together to play against the state champs in a series of three games.  Her old team consists of Ginger, the in the closet, awkward player; Florine, the interim Mayor; Clementine, the local slut; Roxie the rough, overweight, badass; and Beth, the most normal of the group. The story has smaller complexities to the plot that I won’t go into detail about.

The good: It appears that the women did really play and there were lots of bball scenes. The subplots were real-life, under-appreciated wives, cheating husbands, annoying neighbors, ungrateful kids, etc, which made the emotions more believable.

The bad about the movie: All the funny parts were shown in the previews, so there weren’t many more funny moments. Throughout the whole movie , the viewers are redundantly reminded that the actresses are old, which would be fine if they really were. They should have picked older actresses if they truly wanted that theme to fly. Some of the actors did a bad job at faking the southern accent and the movie was inundated with over the top southern slang. I live in the south, so yes, I can make those judgements. Unlike The Blues Brothers who were breaking the law throughout the movie, as a viewer, it’s hard to contemplate why the majority of a small town would be so strongly against trying to help a good cause based solely on the age of the women leading the charge. I think that is the biggest flaw of the movie.

I would give this movie 2.5-3 baskets.

Rated R for some sexual content and drug use- no nudity and also has language.


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