BridesMaids (2011) Movie Review

BridesMaids (2011) Movie Review

I’ll start with the cold hard truth……I hated this movie. I know, I know, I don’t really hate movies….but now I have an exception to my generality.

I had heard great things about the movie like it was hilarious but, no, it wasn’t, not at all.

It was a redundant piece of wanna be chick flick/best bud crap that HW is famous for. Some scenes went on way too long and lost the comedic gold it could have been. The actresses seemed to ad lib practically the whole thing and it didn’t play out well. The speech was choppy and forced like a young child that says something to get a chuckle so he keeps on being goofy for more laughs but it’s not funny at all. That may not make sense to some of you, but I know someone has to understand Also, as a female, I get so sick of the materialistic, false ideals of weddings & marriage and this was chocked full of, “I got to have the perfect blah”!

Rated R for some strong sexuality, and language throughout


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