The Heat (2013) Movie Review

The Heat (2013) Movie Review

If you’ve read my review on Identity Thief, you already know that I do not care for Melissa McCarthy. You may be wondering why I would watch another movie with her in it if I don’t like her and the answer is simple, Sandra Bullock. Who doesn’t like Bullock?

But poor Sandra couldn’t save this movie. It would have been so much better if McCarthy had not been in it. Just like in Identity Thief, she is beyond vulgar which ruins the tone of the movie. You may now be saying, “ that was her character- the complete opposite of Bullock”. While true, once again McCarthy’s acting is like watching a kid who stutters recite a tongue twister…it’s torture. She’s choppy with her lines and forces her scene to the point that it really detracts from everything else. I’ve noticed in her other movies as well, when she’s reciting a scene that requires her to talk at normal volume and without every other word being a profanity or about genitalia, she comes off so much better and with a natural flow.

The movie, in case you don’t already know is about an uptight, by the book, FBI agent trying for a promotion who takes on a case while working with a local cop who is the complete opposite. The audience is treated to their bonding as they stumble through misadventure and bad leads.

I think the directors were wanting to make a film similar to the movie 21 Jump street but with chicks. They succeeded in every way……. all the way down to the bad review (two thumbs down). Besides the overload of explicative’s, the genitalia obsessed “disses”, the predictable plot and lines, and the obscene music, the movie had less than a handful of laughs which can be seen in the previews. If you are a pre-pubescent boy (which I wouldn’t recommend allowing to watch), you may like the movie.

Rated R for pervasive language, strong crude content and some violence.

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