World War Z (2013) Movie Review

World War Z (2013) Movie Review

My daughter, who is not a mystery, horror, scary movie fan, is somehow addicted to watching The Walking Dead. I don’t find the show scary but she does. So, when she saw the previews for WWZ, she immediately stated that she wanted to go see it when it came out. Well, we never got around to it, so I rented it after much anticipation from her. I’ll admit, I was hopeful for a good show although the previews didn’t have me hooked.

It’s a movie about a former U.N employee who is going about his day only to wind up being smack dab in the middle of the end of the world. Within the first 10 minutes, all hell breaks loose and he goes into super dad/husband role and works to get the family out of dodge. Luckily for him, he was a favored employee and his former boss bails him out and puts him and the family up at a safe location. The only catch is that he has to leave his family and track the origin of the outbreak so that there might be hope for those that survive. The main part of the movie is him going from place to place and the perils that he encounters. And just in case you weren’t aware , the “Z” in World War Z stands for zombies.

I thought the actors did a good job, but, I did not like all the CGI and thought it made this multimillion dollar film look cheap. For it to have been a movie about people turning to zombies, the main character didn’t face too many of them, not really. I did like his smart idea on how to avoid being bit, like rolling a magazine with duct tape over his forearms.

I thought it was odd that the zombies out and about the world were fast and sort of smart (knowing to use each other to scale tall walls, knowing bad meat by smell, etc)  but the ones he encounters at the CDC were slower and not as smart as the others. But I guess he couldn’t have really survived if the ones that he was confined with wouldn’t have worked out as well.

It’s hard to tell, not having read the book, if the “zombies” were supposed to be true zombies as in dead or just people who were infected. Please do not get into a tizzy about he definition of zombie or the origins, we are talking movies here.

I found it interesting how this movie depicts the true nature of the world. Those well connected get benefits while the rest of us have to suffer through the mess these high powered and connected people make. As soon as those well connected people seemed to have failed in some way, they are brushed to the side to fend for themselves.

I thought there were some plot holes and unanswered questions that would have made the movie so much better. I think the movie was given more credit because of the Brad Pitt. Had the movie involved lesser known actors/actresses, I think it would not have done as well-just like most other zombie movies, because there wasn’t anything really unique about this movie.

It’s rated PG-13 for intense frightening zombie sequences, violence and disturbing images. I really think that they should have made an “R” rated version for those of us hard-core fans who want to see the close up slaughters (yeah, don’t judge)- I probably would have liked it better . It’s not scary, it’s not intense, it’s not gory, there’s no disturbing images and the zombies were not frightening. There was a lot of running around, yep, that’s how I would describe the movie if asked to sum it up quickly. I won’t be buying the movie, but would likely stop to watch it if I were channel surfing, at least for a few minutes. In case you were wondering, my daughter absolutely loved the movie.


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