iZombie – Season 1

iZombie – Season 1

2015- Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas – Rated TV-14

So, I decided to watch this show as I was looking for a break in my usual shows in my Netflix instant stream.  I was reluctant, however, because the description and the preview that I saw just seemed too cheesy. I figured I would give it a chance anyway and watch one or two episodes.

The plot is that a medical student is turned into a zombie and decides to take a position in the medical examiners office so she has a supply of food. The side affect of eating brains is that the zombie that eats the brains has visions of that person’s life. The main character pairs up with her boss to try and find a cure and also a new homicide cop. She uses the visions to help the detective solve the person’s murder.

The good: The plot is original, at least, as far as I know. The actors/actresses are good. The scenes are realistic. For a CW show, there isn’t a lot of sex, drugs or boozing going on. To be honest and fair, there isn’t much about the show I don’t find entertaining.

The bad: The love/relationship drama gets old but that’s true for most shows. There is one plot point that is annoying….the main character’s appearance. Once the character is turned, she becomes pale with white hair- the obvious sign some one is a zombie besides their hunger for brains. No worry, this is not a spoiler for the show. The other zombies alter their appearance to blend in but not the main character, but yet she is amazed that people are figuring it out……

I really am shocked at how much I was entertained by the show. It’s a new concept that delivers it’s lines humorously.

It’s rated TV-14 but I would probably say, more like TV-16, just because there are some sex scenes, although very mild and some potentially disturbing zombie /dead body scenes.

This review is just for the first season.



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