Suits (TV-Series)

Suits – TV-14-Aaron Korsh

I started watching this show a few months ago with my husband on Amazon Prime. I made it through 5 seasons and I have mixed feelings about this USA show.

The premise of the show is stated on as “On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college-dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s best lawyers.”

This is extremely vague but to keep the surprise, well, a surprise, I won’t expand on that.

The Good-

The plot is original but not. It’s your usual law dramas with more humor and presented with a more in-depth look behind the scenes. It makes you wonder if real law firms and lawyers behave in such borderline acts.

The actors are great, although, I will admit, none except Rick Hoffman are instantly recognizable. They do a magnificent job.

The Bad-

After season one, the show goes downhill in my opinion and I can tell you why. The women of the show just really bog the progression of the plot down. The women, except Donna, are written in such a bipolar manner that they come off irrational and hypocritical to the point of being an annoyance. Donna’s character takes more time to develop into the same depth as the others, but it does happen. The boss lady, Jessica, is horrible and makes it really hard to understand why any of the characters put up with her nonsense and continue to be loyal. She constantly makes bad management calls and when it appears she may be on top, she rubs it in like she is all-knowing despite all her failures.

Too much time is devoted to the “love” relationships. Having the female characters hard to relate to, makes the love aspect of the story even less comprehensible. Why these men put up with their crazy asses makes it even harder for the viewer to “root” for them to succeed. I don’t have to see all the lovey dovey stuff that any person in a real relationship knows doesn’t exist on such a continual, daily basis. If it did, relationships definitely wouldn’t last because we would tire of the fake sentiment quickly. We get it, they are in love…can we move on now please?

The writers seem to try to make the women seem less crazy by focusing on their physical appearance. I get it, Rachel is hot and no man can resist trying to hit on her, but do we need extended shots of male characters looking her up and down as she stretches to reach something in a cabinet? It’s so cliché’. She’s pretty, the viewers don’t need to ogle the females too. This goes for the other main female characters as well. I seriously doubt, even in NY, that women wear evening dressing to work, especially when they are so tight that the woman has to walk cross-legged because she has no room to make an actual step.

Another thing is the use of the curse word G** D**mn. It’s run amuck in this show. I’ve always hated this term and realize that others will not have a problem with it. They use it as a way to emphasize something but it really doesn’t jive well. They use pu**y alot as well. You will also hear b**tch and s**t as well. It gets old. When I watch shows with a lot of cursing, it just always makes me think the writer has a limited vocabulary and doesn’t know “how to use his big boy” words.

Overall, it’s a decent show, especially the first season. The plot gets bogged down with crazy women and their fucked up perspectives of the relationships. I had to take breaks from it because it became such an annoyance, but I liked that I didn’t always rally for the main characters, which is different. They are written to the point that sometimes you wanted to see them kick ass and other times you wanted them bruised and hurting.

I give it 3 judgements.

It’s rated TV-14. It has sex scenes which pushes what is acceptable for tv standards. No direct nudity can be seen while the sex ensues but you can see a man dive down between a woman’s legs under the covers, a woman’s beasts are barely covered, etc. There are a couple of scenes in which Rick’s butt is shown. And there is drug/alcohol abuse that is repeatedly seen. I would probably say TV-17, but I know I am a bit more protective of young minds and eyes than many.


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