Best Western Suites Near Opryland

Best Western Suites near Opryland
201 Music City Circle
Nashville , Tennessee
37214-1220, United States
Phone: 615/902-9940

I needed to make hotel reservations for a trip to Nashville, TN for the end of October 2016. I remember that Best Western had been good to me previously, so I checked them out.

The web site is easy to use and understand and after looking at hotel sites directly (because I am a member of all the rewards programs), they were the better price in a good area of town. I made the reservation for the day I was confident I would need it, with the chance I may need to add a day. I did end up needing an extra day but I had issue with the web site not allowing me to make a second reservation. It was important I make the reservation online due to  a cash back service I use, so I ended up making a second reservation via a third party site.

I arrived at almost 4pm (check in is at 3pm). The place seemed deserted upon arrival. We checked in with no issue even after I explained I had two separate reservations. The staff was incredibly friendly and advised that when I came down for the complimentary breakfast, I check out and back in. At check in, we were also given the WIFI password and general information like times for the breakfast, ice machines, etc.

My room was right across from the elevator doors on the third floor. I had reserved the King Business Room. It had a king size bed with a separate sitting area with fold out couch and table with connections for electronics. Of course the room had a decent size tv , phone and alarm clock. The room was also equipped with a microwave and mini fridge plus a Keurig. The room was clean but a bit warm. In case you do not know, west and middle TN stays warm until January. I believe the high was in the 80’s that particular day.

The bathroom was clean and stocked with the usual. The sink did have a large crack in it and the toilet paper holder was a bit awkward in relation to the toilet. But it was clean and decently sized. I found out later that the water pressure was more than excellent, especially compared to many hotels.

The bed was perfect firmness and was stocked with many fluffy pillows. The end tables on both sides were furnished with lamps that had USB connectors built-in for charging your electronics. There was also USB connectors in the wall for charging as well. I think that was a great touch.

The sitting area had a fold out couch, coffee table and a desk/chair with lamp. The couch was firm and didn’t feel like a worn out piece of furniture. There was a small, half wall that separated the bed area from the sitting area. The window was also in this area which had the darkening blinds..thank you for that!

The layout of the room was a bit odd, but it was functional as is. I think the two areas should have been swapped making the bed area farther from the door but I understand why the bed was place farther from the window. The TV was in front of the bed and not the couch which I think is personal preference on whether that is good or not.

The next morning, I awoke and went down for the free breakfast. It was a hot and cold breakfast that included eggs, bacon, sausage, gravy, bagels, breads, cereal, oatmeal, muffins, juice, waffles and coffee. The food was really good, and the cost made it even better.

I went to the front desk as instructed the previous day. The hotel staff was again friendly but did have some difficulty with the reservation. She ultimately had to call someone because the system was wanting to charge me a couple of more bucks for unknown reasons. She got it taken care of and apologized for the delay.

On the final day, I waited until the very latest before the official check out time to leave. I went downstairs and I had to wait for the staff member to come up front for a few moments. I am unsure where she was or what took so long. She checked me out without much eye contact or conversation which was okay. She just wasn’t as pleasant as the others.

I wasn’t ready to leave yet, so I sat in a nook in the lobby where a TV was. It was on a news show like CNN or FoxNews. I pulled out my book and began to read and would watch the TV off and on. For the most part, I was left alone. I was surprised at one point an employee came over and stood in front of me and the TV and was doing something that I have no clue to. After about ten minutes he left. Not long after that, another employee came over and just turned the station without even asking if it was okay. He then just stood there in front of it and left. I thought both these guys were a bit rude, but most people are.

My two night stay was mostly positive. The staff (for the most part) was friendly, helpful and prompt. The hotel and rooms were clean and stocked well. The breakfast was delicious and the water pressure was awesome. The price was good considering it was near the hub of visitors (near Opryland) and had the appliances.

There were a couple of bad aspects of the hotel. My particular AC was not working properly. I can only sleep in a chilled room and this did cause a problem with sleeping soundly. My TV remote did not work either. Now, I know you are asking why I didn’t complain and the answer is simple. I didn’t want the hassle of changing rooms or having to wait on staff to “diagnose or fix” things. Plus, I try to just go with the flow. The view was of a construction site where another hotel is being built and then the interstate. Just in case you are curious, I couldn’t hear any traffic noise at all. If I had been on any of the other sides of the building, my view would have been of other hotels. There was a cluster of hotels in the lot area. I know though, better views mean higher costs. The negative of the awesome water pressure is that I could hear my neighbors showering. The parking lot was small considering the size of the hotel, but given I wasn’t there on the weekend, it wasn’t too much of an issue.

Overall, my experience was positive and I would recommend the hotel to anyone needing a place in Nashville, TN. By the way, I paid $109 for Sunday night and $118 for Monday. I think the higher prices were due to the CMA awards that was to be held the day after I left on Wednesday.



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