Chickasaw State Park

Chickasaw State Park
20 Cabin Lane
Henderson, Tennessee 38340

As I’ve mentioned, I recently went to Nashville, TN. On the way, we decided to stop and check out some sites. After we went to the Pinson Mounds State Park, we decided to check out Chickasaw State Park which was a short drive from the mounds. By the way, the review for Pinson Mounds can be found here.

Chickasaw State Park was much more impressive than Pinson Mounds.

Chickasaw State Park was named for the Chickasaw Indians who once inhabited West Tennessee and North Mississippi. The 1,400 acres of land located in West Tennessee along the border of Hardeman and Chester Counties was one of Tennessee’s 20 New Deal-era state parks. The park is situated on some of the highest terrain in west Tennessee. Of the area’s 14,384 acres of timberland, 1,280 acres are used for recreation. Chickasaw State Park offers various activities for visitors to embark on including more than four miles of easy to moderate hiking trails and bicycle friendly roads and horse rentals for a horseback ride. Guests can utilize the rowboats and pedal boats available for rent on Lake Placid. Chickasaw State Park also has several lodging options.

We checked out the cabins, the lake, the restaurant and the campground. The lake lived up to the name, Lake Placid. The water was a beautiful blue and still. The pier/walkway across the lake was sunk in the water at some parts but it actually looked really cool. The campsite and cabins looked nice, so nice in fact that we took notes to possible return for an overnight stay. The restaurant had glass windows so visitors could look out at the lake while partaking in a meal. We didn’t eat there, so I can’t review the restaurant on service or food. It was a really beautiful place.

The only negative I can point out is that most of the tent campsites were either close together or small.

It seems like a great place to spend the day or maybe a few. Our brief time there was not only peaceful but also beautiful.


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