Abattoir- 2016

Abattoir- 2016

The summary on IMDB reads, “An investigative reporter teams up with a police officer to solve the mystery of why a seemingly good man murdered her sister’s family.”

Rated: R for bloody horror violence, and language

I was interested in the concept of this movie after an hour of watching trailers on Vudu. I found the DVD available via Netflix and put it on the list. I finally got around to watching it this afternoon after finishing a couple of B “horrors” available through instant streaming. I should have kept the DVD player off.

That is time I will not get back.

First, the movie seems to not know what era it is in. It starts off seeming like it could be in the 1950’s given the characters look and speech (and let’s not forget her vehicle) but at other times it seems maybe 2010 and then pushes us back to the 1980’s and back. Very weird.

Second, there is no horror or thrill to this movie…at all, well, unless you are an 8 year old. The so called murders in the movie are really vague, blurred scenes with some clear blood splatter (except maybe one very short scene). They don’t even bother putting any jump scares in the movie.

Third, none of the logic in the movie is, well, logical. As the summary states, the main character’s family is murdered. That’s clear. You see in the trailer that she finds the room in which the murder occurred to be deconstructed and physically removed from her sister’s recently sold home. That’s what is said but what is actually shown is that the drywall and furniture is gone, not the “structure of the room”. As a grieving woman, she was curious as to why someone would do this. Okay, this makes sense. Every thing after that you can forget about trying to understanding. Even the detective in the movie can’t find any logic in what’s going on and basically is just a character to run around with a badge and gun but of no real use.

Let’s talk about the abattoir itself. Just to save you the google search, Abattoir means slaughterhouse. From the trailers, you can figure that a house is being built in the middle of nowhere and is constructed from these crime rooms. Cool concept (kinda reminds me of Thirteen Ghost). What doesn’t make sense is there are random rooms out in front of the abattoir which is out in the middle of the woods. There’s no reason for these really and makes no sense. Inside the abattoir, each room contains repeating blurred images or
“essences” of the original crime. It was kinda cool (but not thrilling) the first time the concept was shown early in the movie, now it’s just old. The last few minutes of the movie take place in the abattoir which is the climax but it fell short in thrills or scares.

The characters aren’t developed, so I didn’t give a crap what really happened to any of them. Lin Shaye is the best character of the movie. She’s real….real crazy but funny. I really like Dayton Callie and is solid in the film, but he’s just a bunch of lines that don’t really make any sense. All the other characters could have been easily replaced and no one would care.

The storyline while seemingly fresh, falls in line with most horror movie cliches while confusing the viewers as it keeps trying to tie it all together; a task impossible due to all the gaps and non logical rhetoric. By the way, the movie has nothing to do with the “seemingly good man” who killed the main character’s family.

I give this movie 0 rooms for lack of a proper summary, lack of a flowing storyline, lack of horror and thrills, lack of good characters, and lack of a anything living up to the word abattoir.

There is some language, violence and lots of splattered walls.






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