Swept Under-2015

Swept Under


Director: Michel Poulette

The summary of the movie: “On a routine job, crime-scene cleaner Morgan Sher (Devin Kelly) discovers evidence has been left behind. With the help of newbie detective Nick (Aaron Ashmore), she rushes to search for a killer’s identity.”

I crawled into bed the other night and realized I wasn’t quite tired enough to fall asleep. I saw the description and thought, why not.

Just for full disclosure off the bat, this seemed like a Lifetime movie. Who knows, it may have been. Nevertheless, I found it interesting.

The summary reads like others out there, but, this differed in several areas. There is a twist to the movie, so I can not go into too much detail without giving away the best part of the movie.

The characters and the actors are good. We grow to care about the two main characters. We learn he is a modern day Serpico and she is an awkward crime scene cleaner. These two begin working together under unusual circumstances. I like that. I don’t have anything negative to say about the two main characters. Some of the supporting actors weren’t so good, but luckily, their screen time is short lived.

This movie is classified as a thriller. I wouldn’t call it that. I would call it a mystery drama. There’s blood involved and some almost seen kills but nothing that brought a rush to my blood. As I mentioned, it’s very much like a tv movie.

The movie does drag during some parts but for the most part, it kept me interested. At the point of the twist, even my husband says, “did you see that coming” because I almost always do. Not this movie. Maybe I was too tired to be my typical super sleuth self, but I didn’t. The director did a great job not revealing anything that would make your mind go there. Wonderful. I love it when that happens.

The ending. I wished the ending would have been better. It seemed rushed and left you wondering. I was satisfied and not regretful to have watched it.

I personally wouldn’t let anyone under 16 watch it-but that’s me. It has a couple of sex scenes but no nudity. Side boob and bare back (and motions and sounds), but no worse than regular tv.

If you need something different to watch and you enjoy a decent who done it- give it a watch.




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